SHS Custom Neodymium Ventilated Motor Can

SHS Custom Neodymium Ventilated Motor Can - Hop Systems

SHS Custom Neodymium Ventilated Motor Can

SHS cans are excellent for custom work and Frankentorque builds. These cans use powerful Neodymium magnets that wrap nicely around armatures. Also, SHS Endbells only go in one way which prevents reverse-polarity issues.

This SHS Ventilated motor can is best suited for prolonged-stress builds. This custom can has ventilation holes on each side that disperse heat and increase reliability. As the motor spins, hot air is expelled through the ventilation holes.

This can comes with an SHS endbell and all parts needed for assembly.

1x SHS Ventilated Neodymium Magnet Motor Can
1x Endbell
1x Metal Retaining Ring
2x Endbell Screws
2x Insulation pads for Endbell Screws
2x SHS Brushes
2x Brush Springs
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