EDGI - 6.01 R-hop M4 M16 Drop-In Kit Assembly

EDGI - 6.01 R-hop M4 M16 Drop-In Kit Assembly - Hop Systems

EDGI - 6.01 R-hop M4 M16 Drop-In Kit Assembly

The R-hop Drop In Kit is the fastest way to enjoy the benefits of the R-hop and start hitting your targets. Just drop it in and play, with no hassle and labor involved on your end.  Yup, we just did everything for you and only used the highest quality parts and installations. Each kit has performance assurance, all kits are tested before shipment and all parts are assembled by our professional technicians and ready to play out of the box.

R-hop products are custom made and tested to perfection, please allow 1 week for labor time and shipping. Orders will ship early most of the times.


The R-hop Drop-in kit is an easy to install upgraded drop in setup for your airsoft gun. The fastest way to enjoy the benefits of the Rhop without all the hassle and labor. Just drop in, adjust hop, and play, with no work involved on your end. Our Drop in kits have a performance assurance; all kits tested before shipment. All parts are assembled by professional technicians and are ready to play out of the box.


The R-hop is the best trajectory performance enhancement for any airsoft gun. It improves your accuracy, range, consistency, durability, and more. It also allows the effective and efficient use of heavier bbs. A perfectly installed r-hop is the best trajectory upgrade that will surpass all other systems. Hop Systems promises a perfectly installed r-hop that will give you the best shot consistency and trajectory straightness. With the R-hop, you will be able to hit your targets more often, reach farther, and effectively use heavier bbs.


EDGI Custom Works manufactures the highest end barrels on the airsoft market. EdGI makes the world’s greatest inner barrels, hands down. The internal surface of EdGI Barrels are hand lapped and polished down to ~7 microns, giving it a mirror finish.

Included in the R-Hop Drop In Kit

Inner Barrel: EDGI - 6.01mm R-hop Bull Tightbore Barrel
Hop up chamber: Lonex - M4 M16 One-Piece Metal Hopup Chamber
Service: R-hop Complete Package Service
Bucking: Lonex Flat Hopped Bucking
Hopup Nub: M-nub Installed

Compatibility: For AEG, HPA Platforms. For M4 / M16 / SR-16 / M4-RIS and other compatible Airsoft models that uses M4 hopup units.

All R-hop drop-in kits come with a Lifetime Warranty 😎

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