Barrel Lapping Service

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Barrel Lapping Service

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Add this lapping service onto any order with an inner barrel or drop in kit.
(Adding Lapping Service will add up to 1-2 weeks in labor, due to the sheer amount of time and labor it takes for lapping.)

Barrel Lapping is a manual service of resurfacing your inner bore, into a silky smooth and blemish free finish. The results from a high quality bore surface are tremendous are very apparent. Laser beam consistency, smaller groupings, and effective range increased. Each barrel is hand labored with lapping tools and use diamond grits, which can take hours of labor to finish each barrel. The lapping service is recommended for PDI, ZCI, Prometheus, and other barrels

Lv. 1 Lapping includes 600 iterations of lapping. With the following microns, 40-28-20-10. This will resurface your inner bore into a high quality surface and a well lapped finish. Performance results will be very noticeable, and is recommended for PDI, ZCI, and Prometheus brand barrels.
Lv. 2 Lapping includes 1200 iterations of lapping. With the following microns, 40-28-20-14-10-5-1. Our best lapping service offered which will give your barrel an impeccable surface finish. We offer double the labor time, lapping iterations, and finish with lower microns. Achieve the best possible performance results for your barrel, and is recommended for PDI, Prometheus, and other high end barrels.

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