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    Action Army VSR-10 CNC Hop Up Chamber

    Action Army VSR-10 CNC Hop Up Chamber Full Metal Construction Use original VSR-10 hop-up rubber without replace a new one Driving or loosing screw, hop up lever will be up...

    Hop Systems - Sorbo Flat Hop Nubs (2)

    The perfect addition to your flat hop and r-hop needs. Optimal material and surface for even pressure with the r-hop patch. Has a good amount of give to it from the...

    Modify - Soft Ryusoku Flat Hop Bucking with Flat Nub

    An easy drop in flat hop kit for your Rhop barrel. Features: - Genuine Modify Baton Ryusoku Product Guaranteed - Perfect Drop-in Flat Hop - Works with Standard AEG Hop...

    Action Army VSR-10 Hopup Bucking

    Action Army Hop Up Bucking for Marui VSR-10 Great Seal, Pair with the Action Army VSR-Hop up for optimal seal. -- Rubber Made -- Able to increase the range, precision...

    Lonex - M4 M16 One Piece Metal Hopup Chamber

    This Hop-up chamber unit features top notch air seal and is designed to provide the best possible bb flight control. Reinforced Metal Design Polished internal O-Ring Seal on Gearbox Side...

    Prowin - M4 M16 Hopup Chamber (AEG)

    This prowin hop up chamber is machined completely out of aircraft grade aluminum, meaning it is both lightweight and durable, and the bright blue color helps give your AEG a...

    Nineball - VSR-10 Hop Up Bucking

    Guarantee high air tightness, reduce power loss and stabilize the BB trajectory. Suitable for Marui VSR-10, Hi-Capa 4.3 / 5.1, P226, Socom MK23 and G26/Advance /G17. Compatibility: WE/Marui/KJW GBB pistols...
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