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R-hop Barrels

The genuine R-hop paired with the Steel barrel, makes it one of the best performing barrels on the market.

R-hop Drop In Kits

  • The R-hop Drop in Kit, includes an rhopped barrel, flat-hopped hop up unit and bucking by Hop Systems.

  • Fastest way to enjoy the benefits of the R-hop. Just drop in and play, with no labor involved on your end.


    We perfected the pinnacle performance of the r-hop installation and everything that relates to trajectory performance. Our expert technicians have years of experience and research in this subject. We know how to get the best performance out of your gun like the back of our hand


    We have a lifetime warranty on all of our rhop products. If you ever receive a defective product, we will fix everything for free and we will pay for return shipping.


    Simply the best bang for your buck. Professional work at rock bottom prices. We take extra measures into our product to make sure you get more than you expect. We even shim every hop up unit, and more!


    Simply the highest quality installs. You won’t have to worry about getting a bad product ever again. We are confident in delivering the best results at affordable prices.


    The R-hop is the best accuracy upgrade you can have in airsoft. It replaces your traditional hopup mound with an extended contact patch. It features a plethora of benefits. It improves your range, accuracy, use of heavy bbs, consistency, grouping, durability, backspin, airseal, and more. The r-hop is currently the only way to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and range in airsoft. Overall, this offers the airsofter a higher performing airsoft gun. You will be able to hit your targets more often, reach farther, and efficiently use heavy bbs.


    Hop Systems is providing the airsoft community with the highest quality installations and services. We guarantee all services offered are done at the highest standards. We have spent years of experience to bring you the best possible product. Each installation is handled with precision, ensuring perfect fitment, tuning, and performance. We also put extra effort into lapping the outer surface for a smooth patch surface and a shiny barrel. The performance result is only as good as the skill and experience of the installer, that’s why we are confident we can deliver the best at affordable prices.


    The R-hop barrel is the best trajectory performance enhancement for any airsoft gun. It improves your accuracy, range, consistency, durability, and more. It also allows the effective and efficient use of heavier bbs. A perfectly installed r-hop is the best trajectory upgrade that will surpass all other systems. Hop Systems promises a perfectly installed r-hop that will give you the best shot consistency and trajectory straightness. With the R-hop, you will be able to hit your targets more often, reach farther, and effectively use heavier bbs.
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