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Prometheus Barrel vs PDI Barrel vs ZCI Barrel

Prometheus Barrel

This stainless steel barrel combined with the r-hop is the best barrel you can get for the price point. The Prometheus R-hop barrel is our top recommendation for most players. They are manufactured in Japan with very high tolerances, and the barrels come very straight out of the box. They use superior SUS304 steel compared to other barrels on the market. The polished internal bore and r-hop give enhanced range and accuracy to the user. The internal bore has a diameter of 6.03mm, making it an effective tight bore while still remaining practical. In conclusion, we highly recommend this option for most players that are looking for the best range and accuracy upgrade they can get at a reasonable price.

PDI Barrels

PDI manufactures the highest grade quality steel inner barrels you can get on the market and they are famous for it. They are manufactured in Japan, The machining method for PDI Barrels is cold-hammer forging, which is the same process that real firearm barrels undergo.  This process creates the best consistency for your bore. The machining tolerance for the inner barrel is +0.002mm, which means they offer the highest quality tolerance in the entire airsoft industry for inner barrels. PDI Barrels also have the best lapped inner bore surface quality for steel barrels on the market at ~20 microns. The steel material used is SUS304 Stainless Steel, which is the highest quality steel used for inner barrels on the airsoft market. PDI Barrels are also the straightest barrels on the market thanks to their superior machining. PDI Barrels also undergo strict quality control. In conclusion, PDI sought to make the best possible steel barrel on the airsoft consumer market and succeeded. These barrels are highly recommended and are personally used by our technicians. It is also recommended to add-on a lapping service for this barrel, which will give it an inner surface like EdGI.

ZCI Barrels

ZCI has one of the best prices for performance ratios, being able to give a good performance for an affordable price. ZCI Barrels are constructed out of stainless steel and also feature a quality bore surface quality, very good for the price. ZCI Barrels are manufactured in China, which helps to bring costs and prices of ZCI Barrels down. The machining method used for ZCI barrels is Barrel Extrusion, a common method used for most inner barrels for airsoft. The machining tolerance is around +0.02mm – 0.05mm. In conclusion, ZCI stainless steel barrels is the best stainless steel barrel at its price point of around $20-$30 and absolutely recommended by airsoft technicians around the world.

Our Guarantee Warranty

We have a guarantee that you will leave feeling satisfied with a working product. In many cases with other installers lacking real credentials, you just don’t know what you are getting in regards to the quality of the install and product. You could be risking your money to getting a shoddy product.

Our installs have a ~95% success rate on the first package. However, if you did end up getting a defective product from a mishap, we will absolutely resolve them for you. We will pay for return shipping and ship a brand new product to you at no extra cost!

We also have a lifetime warranty on all of our rhop products. We will fix it for FREE.
(under reasonable circumstances, contact us for more information on warranty policy)

This is our guarantee. 

How long does it take to process an r-hop or service order?

Each orders can include labor intensive services like: r-hop installation, machining, tuning, quality control and testing, etc. High quality products cannot be rushed, we would rather take our time to send you the best product, then to rush out a bad one.

For this reason, there is a 2-3 week lead time for most rhop orders to ship. In the uncommon case you experience an order delay, please be patient with us; rest assured, your order will arrive as soon as it is completed. If you need something with a specific deadline, please contact us first.

For other physical products in our store that don’t require labor, they will ship same day or within 1 business day.

What can cause a order delay?

One of the important things we do to upkeep our golden standard for Rhop installations is Quality Control and Testing each and every rhop/barrel. This is not something most rhop retailers would do, but we do not cut corners.
Although, this can potentially delay an order since it relies on good weather and no wind for testing conditions. During testing, if your rhop happen to potentially fail our strict quality testing, this may cause delay to the order as well, since we will be re-installing your rhop. We take quality serious.

How can I track my order?

You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information the moment your order ships!

For r-hop and service orders, your tracking email notification will arrive when the order is near completion or being queued up for work.

What's the best way to contact us?

The best way to contact us is through email and our contact form you can use below. Your emails will be answered within 0-2 days. You can also call us at 916 596 8829. If our phone is closed, please send us an email and we will get back to you.