PDI ACTION ARMY – R-hop VSR-10 Drop-In Kit Assembly


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Barrel Lapping (Adds 2 Weeks of Labor Time)

Lv. 1 Lapping includes 600 iterations of lapping
Lv. 2 Lapping includes 1200 iterations of lapping

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About the R-hop Drop-in Kit: The R-hop Drop-in kit is an easy to install upgraded drop in setup for your airsoft gun. The fastest way to enjoy the benefits of the Rhop without all the hassle and labor. Just drop in, adjust hop, and play, with no work involved on your end. Our Drop in kits have a performance assurance; all kits tested before shipment. All parts are assembled by professional technicians and are ready to play out of the box.

About the R-hop: The Rhop is a popular airsoft modification that enhances your airsoft gun to be more accurate. Available for AEG, HPA, and VSR platforms. It is currently the best system you can have for your airsoft gun. It also improves your range, consistency, grouping, backspin, air seal, durability, and more. You can learn more on our about page. Altogether, this offers the player a better performing airsoft gun. You will be able to hit your targets more often, reach farther, and efficiently use heavy bbs.

About Hop Systems: Hop Systems upgrades your range and accuracy with the best quality R-hop Kits at the lowest prices. We are committed to delivering easy to install R-hop barrels with a large variety of drop in kits, brands, sizes, and different services. With years of experience under our belt, Each installation is handled with precision, ensuring perfect fitment, tuning, and performance. Hop Systems take their time and expertise to craft the best r-hop kits out there, saving you time and money, making it a smooth customer experience.

About the PDI Barrel: PDI manufactures the highest grade quality steel inner barrels you can get on the market, and they are famous for it. They are made in Japan, The machining method for PDI Barrels is cold-hammer forging, which is the same process that real firearm barrels undergo.  This process creates the best consistency for your bore. The machining tolerance for the inner barrel is +0.002mm, which means they offer the highest quality tolerance in the entire airsoft industry for inner barrels. PDI Barrels also have the best lapped inner bore surface quality for steel barrels on the market at ~20 microns. The steel material used is SUS304 Stainless Steel, which is the highest quality steel used for inner barrels on the airsoft market. PDI Barrels are also the straightest barrels on the market thanks to their superior machining. PDI Barrels also undergo strict quality control. In conclusion, PDI sought to make the best possible steel barrel on the airsoft consumer market and succeeded. These barrels are highly recommended and are personally used by our technicians. It is also recommended to add-on a lapping service for this barrel, which will give it an inner surface like EdGI.

Included in the Hop Systems (PDI ACTION ARMY) – VSR-10 RHOP Drop-In Kit Assembly

Compatibility: For VSR-10 Platforms